Vassia Zacharopoulou

Beware! The Prince is Messy (Opera for children as well)

Beware! The Prince is Messy [Προσοχή! Ο Πρίγκιπας λερώνει]

The Princess

Mikri Arktos Records and the Greek National Opera present a special gift for children and adults: the luxurious edition of the recorded Opera Beware! The Prince is Messy. Νikos Kypourgos’s comic opera, directed by Thomas Moschopoulos who also penned the libretto, is based on the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen The Swineherd. The story is about a young prince who disguises himself as a swineherd in order to win the affections of a stuck-up princess.

In Kypourgos’s version everything has been tweaked and nothing is as it first appears. Everything is topsy-turvy: Princes and princesses who are something of slobs, muddy little animals with many human characteristics, and adults who act like children in the process of growing up. Humour plays with emotion and tenderness with satire. Moschopoulos promises a a fun and exciting tale for children and adults with a kid’s heart.

Roles performed by:

Prince: Nikos Stefanou, tenor
Princess: Vassia Zacharopoulou, soprano
King: Nikos Kotenidis, baritone
Three Little Pigs: Manolis Lorentzos, tenor / Arkadios Rakopoulos, baritone / Vassilis Kostopoulos, bass
Couriers: Niki Chaziraki, soprano / Katerina Krassa, soprano
Attendant: Theodora Baka, mezzo

The Orchestra of the Greek National Opera Children’s Theater conducts George Aravides.